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Home » Marketing Ideas » Marketing Ideas for Taxi Drivers, DUI Attorneys & Alcohol Awareness Programs

Marketing Ideas for Taxi Drivers, DUI Attorneys & Alcohol Awareness Programs

RUSH WRENCH Beer Bottle Openers - FREE 3 DAY RUSH


A taxi driver wanted to increase his own brand awareness as an independent driver and needed a way to ensure that his customers would be reminded to call him after a night of drinking. This particular driver lived in a college town and although 80% of the students were within walking distance to the bars, most of them ended up driving some where else to party across town.  He decided that our rush wrench bottle openers was the perfect fit for his business. With it's larger than average decorating area, he was able to make his imprint big and bold, getting his message across...." A DUI Cost's $10,000 my cab is only $20". After he gave a student a bottle opener he would then tell them that if they were in trouble and didn't have any money, that they should still call him for a ride, even if they couldn't afford to pay him. By letting a few students ride for free every now and then, word of mouth rapidly spread around campus and this driver now has a booming business.


Bottle Opener Lighters


A DUI attorney purchased 5000 bottle openers lighters to help him land new cases. As he is always very busy and never really able to find the time to market himself, he had offered some of the local bartenders $100 referral fee for every new client that they found him. By distributing a different color lighter to each of the locations where he was able to distribute the lighters across town, he was able to tell where the lead came from and ensure that the referrals were properly taken care of. This system also allowed him to gain an incite to which bars seemed to have a heavier pour and /or rowdier crowd of patrons,  he was then able to target his efforts by making this same deal with more bars in local which had produced more new cases.


The "17 Ouncer" Custom Printed  Stadium Cups with Smooth Surface A college campus wanted to raise alcohol poisoning awareness and to reduce the amount of hedonistic binge drinking that had seemed to recently spike due to a new batch of incoming freshman students. They purchased our 17 ounce smooth sided stadium cups that features two sided imprinting. On one side of the cup they printed the warning signs of alcohol poisoning, along with the phone number to the campus police and the schools 24 hour emergency infirmary. On the other side of the cups, they printed their own information along with the phone number to the free campus help line. They wanted to ensure that the students understood, that they were in school to have a good time, but to also be safe and keep it in moderation.  Soon after the cups were distributed, the help line had a small surge in phone calls relating to various mental health issues (mostly stress or alcohol related) and the amount of times that the campus police had to respond to various alcohol related incidents was greatly reduced. The idea that the police where just an arms length away made a favorable impression on the students. It was a success for all parties evolved and they still purchase these cups on a regular basis.


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